What People are Saying

David D.
I have personally witnessed numerous clients restore/repair their credit.  Doron has been such a great partner with our communinty and bank. 

Nathan J

They do not over promise which most credit repair specialists are prone to do. They also respond quickly and communicates well. I refer all my credit repair clients to them.


Paul R
They are always honest and upfront. Great company to do business with.


Bella J
They are very professional, results were timely, follow through excellent! Very good experience with significant results.....an expert in the field!


Angela R
They are a great and professional company. Thanks!


Joe S
The knowledge and experience of the staff was outstanding!


Larkin B


Doug W
They are amazing! They were able to have items removed from our reports that had been there for years. They are extremely pleasant and prompt with the service. Thank you!


Pam W
The team at the Credit Clinic was very professional and helped me through a difficult situation. Last year I had my identity stolen and someone opened several credit cards and even bought a car under my name. All of the accounts were negative on my credit report and lowered my score so I couldn't even qualify for a credit card. When I found out that someone was using my credit I spoke with my friends and they said I should call the Credit Clinic to remove the negative items on my credit report. I will have to say it was the best thing I ever did! Within 6 months all of the items were removed and my score is back to being over 740. Thank you Credit Clinic.


Larry S
They are a Pro's Pro. Tons of Experience (over 20 years) helping individuals get to a better Credit and Financial situation.

Jim G
Credit Clinic far exceeded our expectations. Our credit was restored from a BK and failed business to where we could buy our new house within a few months. Thanks to CC we are back on the right path with strong credit again.


Ryan G
They are professional, thorough, and get results. Each client I have referred to them were called in a timely manner, where informed of the benefits of the credit repair program, and were followed up on for questions and to potentially get signed up. The prices are very affordable; some of the most competitive I’ve seen in the industry. And when clients sign up with The Credit Clinic, and do the work needed, they get great results. I highly recommend The Credit Clinic.


Andrew S
The Credit Clinic is detailed and diligent. I will recommend them to my clients when they need the service.


Ryan F
The Credit Clinic and the staff are very professional and dedicated to my case. The attention to detail and follow up was excellent! I would recommend them to anyone needing credit repair services.


Joe S
Great company to work with.


Jason W
My experience was great! I would highly recommend Credit Clinic if you need assistance improving your credit.


Lorie M
They are knowledge and professional. With thier help I was able to get my credit fixed, he really cared about me and my future...


John N
The Credit Clinic has always been a company of integrity and honesty. They have always been a pleasure to work with and I felt I was always treated fairly and respectfully.


Fernando S
The company has stayed right on top of things. They have been very informative & helpful. I will & have recommended others to use the service.


Ben H
The owner is passionate about helping people out of hard financial situations and gives people an honest, individualized approach to becoming debt free. He knows how to legally erase debt and any infractions on credit scores and will not nickel and dime you to make it happen. I cannot thank him enough for his expertise, patience and honesty and would recommend for anyone to give him a call and find out how he can help you.


Lindsay N
The Credit Clinic was great to work with! Very professional and really knows thier stuff! I would definitely use them again!

Tim S
The Credit Clinic is great to do business with. Highly recommend!
Michelle N
The owner has worked with several of my clients. It's exciting to see my clients progress to their ultimate goal of home ownership. He has helped make that possible. He is consistent and committed to getting results. Thanks to him for doing such a great job and being such a huge resource for my clients!
"I started with The Credit Clinic back in September. I decided to get their services because I was trying to buy a house. There was no way for me to do that due to my credit. The Credit Clinic in about 60-90 days was able to get my credit score up about 100 points and now I am about to close a deal on my dream house thanks to The Credit Clinic. With a little more patience I also know that I will be able to walk into any place with no problem and get anything with credit. These guys have been doing a great job. Thank you Credit Clinic!"
Hector C. 

"I started with The Credit Clinic on 1/8.  Today is 2/26 and I have already seen 25 items from my CBR be deleted.  When I first signed up with acredit clinic I was told that it does take some time.  I have to tell everyone that they stand behind what they say.  It has truly been a miracle that these items have been deleted from my credit.  I'm extremely happy with The Credit Clinic and the work they do.  They started drafting letters immediately after I signed up with them and within 30 days I got the first letter then the second then the third from Equifax, Transunion & Experian stating that creditors have been deleted from my CBR permanently.  I will continue to use they're service and I highly recommend them to you and your family.  Anyone that is seeking a legitimate company with great credentials and experience like no other, call The Credit Clinic TODAY.  Thank you The Credit Clinic for be a blsessing to our family." 
Jay B.

"A year ago I spent two thousand dollars with an agency that promised to have my score at 700+. After countless months and several frustrating calls, my score had not moved a point in the right direction. Its been less than six months with The Credit Cllinic and my score has gone up drasticly. Im closer to the 700+ score and were just getting started. I reccomend them to all of my co-workers, friends and family."
Aaron F.


"This letter is to inform my gratitude with The Credit Clinic. I am very impress that just in one month they were able to delete over seven different things on my credit that were hurting my credit history. I have been dealing with this company (Credit Clinic) for two months now and they have been doing a great job helping me. We are still in the process of working on other things in two different bureaus and I know they are doing whatever they can to delete what is best. I will not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends and family for which they have done a great job."
Francisco F.


"I just wanted to send you a quick note saying thank you for all your hard work.  I appreciate everything you and the Credit Clinic have done for me.  Last night I received a call from our Lender letting me know I have now been pre-approved for my home loan!  Because of you and your company, I am now able to buy a house.  I can honestly say, choosing the Credit Clinic to work with was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  You and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and have helped me out a great deal.  Even though I have achieved my initial goal, I am still going to continue working with you for awhile as its a very nice thing seeing my credit score climb. I just wanted to send this note off to show my appreciation and gratitude for all the help you and the Credit Clinic have done.  If anyone I know or hear of ever needs the services you provide, I will always recommend you and your company". 
Todd M.

"I received three more credit report updates from  TransUnion and Experian.  I know we started work on my credit report/score in early August and it is only September.  I cannot be more thrilled with knowing that 12 items have been deleted from my credit report and am so excited about the prospect of possibly owning a home".
Jackie F. 

 "I would like to thank The Credit Clinic for helping me improve my credit rating in so short a period of time.  I was looking for a reliable, reasonable and honest company to work with me and The Credit Clinic has exceeded all of my expectations.  I was not expecting results overnight however, in the first 3 months after signing up with The Credit Clinic they have eliminated over 50% of the negative reports.  I fully expect that within the next 3 months or so the vast majority of negative credit will be gone allowing me to re-establish my good credit after so many years.  Many thanks to The Credit Clinic".
Howie B.

"I'm highly satisfied with your services and pleased with the clean-up of my credit".
Sherrill L.

"I have been very pleased with the results, and greatly appreciate the help".
Adam L.

"I have received all the necessary services and the results were outstanding.  Thank you so much for helping my credit".
Elisa R.

"My name is John and I have been a client of the Credit Clinic since June 2010. I initially was thinking about Bankruptcy, but after researching the costs and all of what would be involved, i decided to go in a different direction. I initially learned about the Credit Clinic through my son as he worked at a car dealership and had heard many good reports of what Credit Clinic had done for other people in clearing up their credit so they would actually be able to finance a car. This intrigued me and decided to set up a consultation with the Credit Clinic. At this time my credit was not very good at all ... I had no credit score, there was issues of fraud on all 3 credit reports, my name and Social Security number was used in multiple variations, plus other issues.

At the consultation, we reviewed all 3 of my credit reports and the Credit Clinic believed it would be able to help clear up all these issues. This was great to hear as I would like to purchase a home in the near future, so we began the process. We began receiving letters from the 3 Credit Bureaus right away and it seemed that with each new report we got there was something new on it and would have to be fixed as well. This had gone on for weeks and thought that now it would be almost impossible to fix. After a few phone calls and another meeting in October, they assured me that this was part of the process. Since this time there have been numerous changes on my 3 credit reports, numerous issues have been cleaned up and there have been no more issues with fraud at this point. I still receive letters and reports from the 3 Credit Bureaus but have noticed that issues are being cleared up and that the process is working.

I would highly recommend the Credit Clinic to anyone that might have credit issues".
John R. W.

"My name is Lena and I have been a client of the Credit Clinic since June 2010. At the time I became a client, I had no credit score, had things on my credit where there were fraud issues in which variations of my name and SS Number were used, various addresses that I have never heard of were documented on my credit reports and of course bad credit as well. On my 1st visit to the Credit Clinic I was to meet with Still unsure and some what skeptical they both assured me that they could help. My only real purpose of cleaning up my credit was so I could buy a house.

 We began the process and immeadiately began receiveing letters from the credit bureaus and it seemed that with every new report or letter there was something new added to credit report that would need to be fixed. At this point I felt hopeless and that I opened a can of worms that was never going to get better. After some phone calls and another meeting, we continued with the process that I was rady to stop, that was in October. Since then there have been big changes, my credit is about 50% cleaned up and the variations of names and other information has been resolved.

 Now when I receive letters and reports I am pleasantly surprised, more that upset. I will be very honest, I don't know what they do or how they do it but it is working. I now feel that finally I may be able to buy a house and not feel embarassed or ashamed when I do, or have to go through the process of explaining that I have been frauded.

 I know it has been a long ordeal and that it is still not completely over, but I am no longer skeptical or doubtful as to what the Credit Clinic can do. I am very cautious as to who and what I recommend, but the Credit Clinic and their staff I will highly recommend to anyone who needs or wants to clean up their credit. Of course it is only natural that I wish the process and outcome happened much faster, but so far it has been truly worth the wait and I am looking forward to the final outcome.

 To the Credit Clinic and Staff... Thank You and keep up the great work..."
Lena W.

"I have been keeping an eye out for prospects for you. I've seen quite a few people that have had debts discharged due to credit card settlement, bankruptcy and short sales. I'm not sure how this will show up on credit reports, but I'm sure it will somehow. This is the most I've seen in any year so I would think by the end of this year there will be a lot of folks looking to improve their credit. I have been extremely pleased with your results and will forward them your contact info. Keep up the good work"!
Robert R.

"Credit Clinic,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful service you provided. I have had nothing but great quality customer service from your company. Before I used your services, I felt lost, and was not sure how to get my self back on track, but now I feel in control of my credit and hopefully going to buy a home of my own. Thanks for all you help, you have been wonderful and I will for sure recommend you to my friends and family".

James C.

Please click on this link to see a great Testimonial from a Mortgage Loan Officer

"I Maria would like to thank you Credit Clinic for helping me increase my credit score.  Thank you again for the big help, I will recommend you to all of my friends that are in the same boat that I was in.  Thank you so much"!
Maria E.

"Thanx for all you have done for us. I know that we have been a pain in the butt at times with all the questions, but we truly appreciate all the work you have done for us. With your help we have been able to move forward in our quest to purchase a home. You have given us so much information and knoledge that should set us in the right path to monitoring and maintaining our credit. My whole family is greatfull for all that you and your team has done for us thank you".
Matt W.