Pricing for Total Credit Restoration

"Yes you can do this yourself - but we don't think you should and here's why."

Dealing with your personal credit can be slow and frustrating.  Your life is stressful enough and you don't need the headaches that go along with credit issues.  We are very experienced in what we do.  We know how to deal with all of the brick walls that the bureaus and creditors can sometimes put up and we have the tools and the patience to deal with them.

 At The Credit Clinic, we don't believe in the saying, "You get what you pay for". We believe that our clients should get much more than what they are paying for. We believe in providing a valuable service at an affordable price – leaving you the client feeling like you just got a tremendous deal. We are in the business of changing lives and creating smiles. That is exactly why we will never throw an array of different pricing scenarios or options at you. At The Credit Clinic, we only have one product – The product of legally working towards making your credit perfectly accurate!  We believe then that we should  have a clear price – A price that boasts its value and leaves our clients feeling comfortable. In addition, we don't believe in binding our clients to contracts, as we feel that contracts make our clients feel uncomfortable. At The Credit Clinic, you will never be bound to any terms – you are free to end the relationship whenever you choose.

"You are paying for our services not for specific promises or results", but . . .

We also provide you with a guarantee.  If at any time in the future a removed item that was not being reported accurately reappears, we will attempt to remove it again for free.  Again, our goal at The Credit Clinic is to show our clients value, create a comfortable working relationship and earn your referrals. Below, please find our pricing for our services.

No Advanced Fees
At The Credit Clinic, you will never be charged fees in advance.  From our "First Work" fee to our Repair fee, you are never charged until after we have completed the work.

"First Work Fee" - $179
The first work fee will consist of one or more of the following:  The Clinic may assist the client in obtaining a credit report if (if required), perform a complete analysis of each item on the credit report, discuss possible inaccuracies with the client and finally give our opinion and full written (if requested) report making recommendations assuming inaccuracies are discovered. The set up and first work also consists of the following:  We create a full credit profile, enter you into our state of the art "Client Center"*, build your case and grant you 24/7 access to the "Results Center". 

Repair Fee - $149
During the repair process, we build your case by researching every trade line on your report.  We then establish what the correct information is and send out demands and disputes to as many of the creditors and bureaus as needed.  Unfortunately, we cannot make promises about the results as no one could ever know for sure how the bureaus and creditors will respond. Not unlike going to trial, no one could possibly predict what the cases outcome will be - the same holds true for us.  However, rest assured because we have helped countless numbers of people just like you achieve life changing results and we always have the highests hopes with equally matched effort for every client. 

Couples Discount
We offer reduced pricing for couples which includes a one-time discount on the analysis & first work fee, as well as a discount on the repairing fees.  With the discount, the fees are brought down to just $299 for the analysis and first work fee and a repair fee of also $269 per round which is equal to one month.

*Client Center - This is our state of the art, secure web based system that allows our clients to view their file and check their status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.